Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Vizcaya

Title: Vizcaya
Author: Lina Rivera
Grade: B-

Nikki and Diego fell in love at a teenage bonfire. They were the perfect couple until they met Nelli. Nelli is a rich, beautiful girl who always gets what she wants. Nelli wants Diego and will do what ever she has to to get Diego. Diego is an artist who draws what inspires him. Nikki feels threatened when she finds Diego drawing Nelli at the beautiful museum, Vizcaya. All three of their worlds change at this moment.

Vizcaya is coming of age story about teen dating and desires. It is a pretty typical young adult love story; boy dates girl, beautiful girl enters picture, beautiful girl steals boy from other girl, other girl is not happy. I always enjoy a good romance, but I have to say that this book was very predictable, until the very end. The end did surprise me, but I won't give it away.  I liked the mixture if different character dynamics and personalities of Nikki, Nelli, and Diego. I loved that Nelli was a dancer because I am a dance. My favorite parts of the book were reading about Nelli and her privileged world and seeing Diego's normal world being mixed in. Diego has to make himself fit in with Nelli's family and the customs of the rich and famous. Other than that, I was slightly bored during the entire book. I thought that the plot was very drawn out and could have been shortened a bit. I do think that young adult romance fans will enjoy this book, but otherwise it is a hit or miss. You can read more about Lina and her books on her website.

Happy Reading!

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