Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: A View from My Window

Title: A View from my Window
Author: Sylvia Forrest
Grade: B-

"Pour a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable, and I'll introduce you to some of my favorite women."- A View from my Window
A View from my Wondow is a collection of short stories about women. Sylvia divides the stories into three sections; Womanhood, Motherhood, and Grandmothers. When I initially read the synopsis of the book I was very excited to read it! I love real life short-story collections, like the Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. There line above was the line that grabbed my attention the most. I couldn't wait to read about women at different stages of their life! I poured myself a glass of juice, parked myself on my hammock and was ready for a lazy, summer, afternoon of reading.

I have to say after reading the book, I was a bit disappointed. Most of the short stories in the first two sections was about Sylvia. I had expected there to be a huge variety among authors, but there wasn't. Although there were a couple random author's thrown in, most were about the same person. I do have to say that the last section, Grandmothers, was my favorite. I am very close with my grandmother, so I loved reading about other women that were close with their grandmother's. It was a struggle to get through the first two sections, but I quickly read through the last.

Now that winter is quickly approaching I would recommend this to women who are looking for a nice, easy, snow-day read. It is nice that you can put it down and pick it back up without getting lost.

Happy Reading!