Review Policy

I love to review and share books that I have read! Every review is my honest opinion on the book, regardless of where the book comes from. Since I am a teacher the easiest way to rate a book is an A-F scale.
  • A-I loved this book! I could not put it down and I think everyone should read this book! This is a book I would read over and over.
  • B-I thought this book was very good, but I would probably not read it again.
  • C-This book did not really interest me. It was not the best book I have read, but was also not the worst.
  • D- I did not like this book at all and I would not suggest it to anyone.
  • F-I could not finish the book.
Promoting/Reviewing Books
If you are a publisher or author I would be more than happy to read and review your book! I love being able to share books and my reviews of books with others! The amount of time it takes to review a book depends on how many books I currently have to read and it can take anywhere from 1 week-1 month to read and review a book. Once I review the book, I would be more than happy to do a giveaway/contest so that other people can enjoy your book!I can be contacted to review a book by email at missbookaholicgirl (at)