Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: A Quest for Good Manners

Title: A Quest for Good Manners
Author: Karin Lefranc
Source: Review
Grade A+

For those that did not know, I am a preschool teacher. That being said, I have a soft spot in my heart for children's books. I love my job and take very seriously what books I choose to read to my students. I like books that have bright, colorful pictures, not to many words on each page, and of course a theme that can be discussed. A Quest for Good Manners has each of these three things. The book is about a princess and her dragon who have terrible manners. They burp and slurp, are not polite, and have horrible table manners. The Queen is so disgusted that she sends the two on a quest to find "good manners". The princess and dragon go throughout the land where they take part in many obstacles set up to help them discover what good manners are.

I love the theme of this book! Good manners is a topic that many preschoolers are still learning. This book presents manners in a fun and easy to explain way. Children will love looking at the colorful pictures and the fun adventures the princess and dragon embark on. The dialogue on each page is perfect; not to long and not to short. The book does not drag on and is just long enough that it will hold the preschoolers attention. I plan on reading this to my preschoolers at the beginning of the year to jump start the year long lesson of learning good manners. I think this will be a book that myself and my students will refer to over and over again. You can read more about Karin and her book at her website.

Happy Reading!

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