Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zenith by Julie Bertagna

Title: Zenith

Author: Julie Bertagna

Publisher: Walker and Company, 2007

Rating: A-

Mara is on a boat hoping to find Greenland. She and Fox have led a revolt against the sky cities that look down on refugees. Her Treenster friends and other boat refugees are sailing to find a new land for them to live on. Fox has stayed behind to quietly lead others in New Mungo to revolt against those in control. While sailing, Mara has an unfortunate accident that threatens the safety of the refugees and may threaten the journey to Greenland.

This is the second book of Bertagna's trilogy. (Exodus being the first. Look below for my review of Exodus). I must say that I enjoyed this book more far than the first. It kept my interest for almost the entire time I was reading it.. I really enjoyed the different characters that Bertagna has created. Each character is unique and adds a lot to the plot. Mara is such a survivor and always faces such unbelievable circumstances which causes her to make quick decisions. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the third and final part of the trilogy! I rate this book an A- and suggest it for all dystopian fans. As a note, it is important to read Exodus before Zenith so that everything makes sense!

Happy reading!


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