Saturday, November 1, 2014

Around the World with Carole P. Roman

I recently received some more of the books in the If You were Me and You Lived in... series, by Carole P. Roman and am very excited to review them all most recent ones. I have the books for the countries Kenya, India,  Norway, Australia, and Russia.

Like I said in my previous post, these books focus on different aspects of the country that apply to children. They leave out the facts such as the economy and politics that children would have no interest in. Instead they focus on things such as holidays, games, where you would live, and what you would call your family members. I love the different illustrations and how they depict exactly what the narrator is talking about on each page. My favorite part is the page where she describes what a child would call his mom or dad in each country (ex. In Kenya you would call your mom Mazzi and your dad Baba),  Roman gives just the right amount of information on each page that would hold a child's short attention span. I really love that Roman pays attention to the smallest detail on each page and the cover. She even phrases the information in a way that doesn't "dumb down" the info, but makes it applicable to a child reading the book. I think she has once again created a series that is much needed in the world of children's books and am excited to see the countries that she covers next! If you are a teacher I STRONGLY suggest that you check out this series and even get some of them for your own classroom library! You can read more about Carole P. Roman and her books on her website.

Happy Reading!

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