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Review: Deadly Passage

Title: Deadly Passage
Author: Dr. Lawrence W. Gold
Grade: A-
 Synopsis from Amazon
Andy Reiss, a physician, Jesse his registered-nurse wife, and Rachel, their barely teenage daughter, head home on their sailboat, Prophecy, after five years at sea touring the world. They thought they’d dealt with every imaginable experience at sea. When Prophecy comes upon a sailboat adrift, they discover two young Americans, a brother and his sister. After bringing them aboard, both break out with a rash that Andy identifies as a deadly virus.
Soon it becomes clear that they’ve inadvertently rescued two homegrown terrorists intent on bringing a deadly virus to the Miami area. 
Soon the disease is full-blown, sealing the fates of the terrorists and all those they encounter.
Andy, Jesse, and Rachel must deal with the unwanted guests, their disease, the Cuban Navy, an approaching hurricane, and the U.S. Coast Guard turning them away from safety, operating under the influence of conflicting political and operational motivations in the Department of Homeland Security, the Coast Guard, and the oval office. The shocking and unexpected denouements leave us twisting in uncertain winds reminiscent of On the Beach.

 I have read many of Dr. Gold's books and when I found out he wrote a new book, I couldn't wait to read it! The other books that Dr. Gold has written have been based in a hospital setting. This book was a little it different. Instead of a hospital, the setting of the book was a ship in the middle of the ocean.  I really enjoyed seeing the dynamics of the Reiss family aboard Prophecy. It was fascinating to read about their day to day life on the ship and their excursions in South America. I think it would be neat to take a year (or 5) and travel the world by sea! Something that is the same in most of Dr. Gold's books is that he weaves several different story lines together. At the beginning of the book I have a hard time understanding how they connect, but in the end they always do.  I did have to go back twice to understand why the American siblings wanted to become terrorists. The subject of terrorism is very relevant in today's society. It makes the reader realize how creative and smart terrorists can truly be. They are not just everyday people. Let me also say that the end of the book was a bit of a cliffhanger. It was be interesting to see if Dr. Gold writes a second book on this subject.

Something I didn't like about the book was the constant references to "ship terminology". When it started talking about "reefing the mainsail" and "furling the jib" I got lost. When these references came up I tried to picture a ship to get an idea of what they were talking about, but I sill struggled. Something that would have been helpful is a list of terms and explanations and possibly a diagram of a ship. I think it would help readers who are not as experienced in the terminology to enjoy the book more.

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  1. I found this story really interesting and the way it depicts the scene, is really intriguing and motivating. The rise and fall in the story is beautifully quoted by writer.