Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: With Unwashed Hands

Title: With Unwashed Hands
Author: Joanie Bolton
Grade: A-

Joanie and Darrell Bolton are missionaries, who have traveled to Eden (because of security reasons, they can not name the country they are ministering to). Before they even get the chance to spread the Word of God, Darrell is struck with immense stomach pains, which land him in the hospital in an unfamiliar country. The hospital in Eden is not nearly as high-tech, or sanitary as the ones he is used to in the United States. When Darrell's doctor finds out that he and his wife are missionaries from the Untied States, Darrell ends up being in the fight for his life.

I can imagine how difficult it would be to go to a land that is very non-accepting of Christians and where you know almost no one. To add on to the fact that someone gets severely ill, blows my mind. I have been on a few mission trips with my church, but they have always been to places where I can freely share the Gospel without fearing for my life. Joanie and Darrell did not have this "luxury" in Eden. This book is written from Joanie's perspective and it is written so well that it is very easy to imagine that you are Joanie as you read. The details she includes of the different procedures, and the doctors help to visualize the scene of the hospital. This book truly makes you grateful for the amazing healthcare and the freedoms that we have as Americans. The Bolton's include pictures at the end of the book, which adds a special touch.

I thought that Joanie picked the perfect title for this book. It sheds light in two ways on the story that is portrayed. It is unwashed hands that is one of the reasons Darrell gets so sick. It is also with "unwashed  hands" that we come before God each day. The Bolton's were in Eden to talk to the people there about their "unwashed hands".

The one thing I would have liked was to find out if Darrell had any lasting health issues after he came back. I felt like I didn't get much of a closer at the end of the book. I suggest this book for everyone to read. I think that this will show you how fortunate we are to live in The United States.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds like the book is about benefits of washing hands and staying healthy. The second thought is how we boldly stand in front of god in churches even we are sinners.