Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Road to Justice, Path of Revenge

Title: Road to Justice, Path of Revenge
Author: Edward Vogler
Grade: B

Synopsis from Barnes and Nobles
Ed Jenkins is one week away from retirement when a bullet narrowly misses him—and then he learns of his best friend’s tragic accident. He has been looking forward to moving to Florida with his wife Jane, but it seems events are conspiring against his picture-perfect retirement plans. 

Ed and Jane board a cruise ship at Port Canaveral. Ed is attacked and thrown overboard and spends days adrift in the Caribbean. Weak and near death, he is picked up by a boatload of immigrants heading to the States. A Coast Guard cutter intercepts and turns the boat around, which ends up in Cuba. Ed, gravely ill and unable to see, is abandoned on the beach and eventually picked up by a brother and sister who nurse him back to health. They attempt to get a message to Jane, and when that fails, they make risky plans to get him back to the U.S., circumventing the Cuban authorities. 

Back in the U.S., more information is revealed that may tie Ed’s near shooting death with his friend’s death, and a federal court convenes in Ohio to uncover the truth. But no one is prepared for what they find…

I had mixed feelings after reading this book. I was confused at first because I thought it was a true story. Thinking that it was very hard to believe that something like this could happen. When I realized it was actually a fictional tale, I was less confused. The very beginning of the book was a little hard to follow. I couldn't figure out what all this shooting and guns had to do with a man being thrown overboard. I stopped reading it for a few days and once I came back I couldn't remember what happened. Once I got past the first 50 pages, I started to enjoy it. What happened to Ed was crazy! I kept thinking if I were Jane and I "lost" my husband on a cruise ship I don't think I would have been as calm as she was. If the authorities told me I had to wait a few hours before they could officially start searching, I would have gone balistic. The ending had a huge twist and was not at all what I expected which is always a thrill!

I was not a fan of the cover at all. The man on the cover actually kind of scared me and continued my original belief that the story is true. I don't think that the cover portrays the plot at all.  

I think that people that enjoy thrilling, suspenseful book might enjoy reading this. Once you get a third into the book, the plot becomes very interesting, so don't give up reading if you are lost in the beginning.

Happy Reading!

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