Sunday, June 24, 2012

Review: Oceana

Title: Oceana: A love Story
Author CC Lindh
Source: Review
Grade: B+

Synopsis from Website
oceana: a love story is a book about two athletes and their love for each other and their respective sports. Oceana is a lifelong surfer, former  fashion model, who loves the ocean and teaches others to love and take care of the ocean as well. Guy is a golf pro from England who loves golf and longs to be able to compete in tournaments. Oceana helps Guy to achieve his dreams. Though their time together is brief, Oceana and Guy never stop loving each other and their love endures forever. Like the land and the sea, Oceana and Guy have the opportunity in oceana: a love story to define and transform each other. 

Oceana is a love story between Oceana, a surfer, and Guy, a professional golfer. They meet when Guy accidentally hits a golf ball into Oceana's yard. Their feelings toward each other develop very quickly. They are soon spending every day and night together. They show each other the sports world that they each love. The love for each other continues to blossom until a tragic event ends their lives together. 

This book, at 87 pages, was a very quick read. The text of the book is written in light blue, which makes the reader feel as if their are on the beach and reading while hearing the ocean waves crash. I really liked that the plot develops quickly and every part of the book has important meaning to the story line and gets right to the point. I did get confused by the characters ages. The beginning of the book made me think that the characters were in their late teens. I did not realize that was not the case until their ages are stated as 30. I guess this shows that romantic love happens at all ages! This is the perfect read for anyone who has been in love or wants to remember what it feels like to fall deeply in love. You will be swept away by the feelings that Oceana and Guy have for each other and find your self rooting for their success. You can read more about the book and the author at CC'c website.

Happy reading!

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