Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review: Don't Disappear Part 1

Title: Don't Disappear Part 1
Author: Nina Guest
Grade: B+

Don't Disappear is the first in a four book series about Vika, a Russian teenager who is kidnapped and taken into another country as a slave. Before she is kidnapped, she falls in love with Sergei, a KGB officer who is a lot older than her. Through Sergei, she accepts a secretive job and is then kidnapped while she is on the job. She must use her strength, and wits to figure out how to escape and get back to her beloved Sergei.

This book has a very slow start. I did not really get into the book until I was a third through reading it. The beginning is where the reader learns about Vika's life an the development of the relationship between Vika and Sergei.  Once Vika is kidnapped, I could not put the book down. I was dying to know what would happen to Vika and wondered if she would ever get home. The relationship that Vika has with Sergei makes me hope that my future husband has many of Sergei's traits. Don't Disappear was originally written and published in Russia, which is where Nina Guest is from. Saying that, I found some grammatical errors and some of the wording was a bit strange. The plot has some surprises that you would not expect and keeps the reader on their toes. Overall I did enjoy the book and I am very excited to read the second book and continue on the journey with Vika. This was a great summer read and I think will be an awesome series! Look out for my review on the second book in the series! You can read more about Nina and the Don't Dissapear series on Nina's website.

Happy Reading!

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