Saturday, May 12, 2012

REVIEW: Starlette Universe:'Cat'astrophe

Title: Starlette Universe:'Cat'astrophe
Author: Kathy Johnson
Source: Review from publisher
Grade: C

Synopsis from Amazon
The core themes of STARLETTE UNIVERSE are good vs. evil, God vs. the devil, the Starlettes vs. Eva Deneval. When six Spruce Pine High students form a friendship club to fight injustice and wrong at their school, they meet the ultimate 'mean' girl, Eva the Evil, who has the ability to morph into a variety of monsters, be it a werewolf, zombie, vampire or undead head. Against all odds, the Starlettes, fun-loving beauties, emerge victorious and defeat Eva and her wicked forces from hell. Kathy Johnson, lawyer, author, and mother of Miss Vermont 1999 and Miss Vermont USA 2001, has just released the first in a series of ST ARLETTE UNNERSE books aimed at 'tween and teen girls, ages 10-16. Written in poetic rhyme and pun-filled prose, STARLETTE UNIVERSE books are serious, yet humorous, and full of life lessons for girls. There are several distinguishing characteristics: (l) 'Starlette-isms', or word play, give shine to the storyline. (2) 'Sparkles', or rules for living, aid the girls in making good decisions. (3) 'Unique-speak', or each girl's different talk, makes her personality glow. Dick Kulpa has successfully turned the six Starlettes into America's sweetarts' with his cover art and colorful illustrations. He is former publisher of Cracked Magazine, creator of Bat Boy, and a three-time syndicated newspaper comic strip cartoonist. The overriding premise of STARLETTE UNIVERSE is that evil and Eva are allowed to exist but that good and the Starlettes will ultimately prevail. After entering STARLETTE UNIVERSE, all readers are faced with a decision: Team GOOD? Or Team D.evil?

 I was initially excited about this book when I read the synopsis. The plot sounded intriguing. Six unique girls that form a group to fight the evil of the world, all while staying fabulous! But, as soon as I started reading it I was lost.  As the synopsis says, the book is written like a poem and includes many puns. This book is aimed for young adult girls. I just graduated from college and I have to say I struggled following the puns and the rhymes. It was hard to always understand what the characters were trying to say or do because they used different spellings of words, puns, and different sayings. It was also a very slow moving plot. The majority of the book is about rescuing a cat. This process goes from page 4 to 43. There was little that happened between those pages. I actually struggled to finish the book. I think that young girls are going to have a hard time following what was happening and being continually hooked into the plot. The will also struggle with the puns included in the spelling of words and phrases. Overall, I was not very impressed by the book. If you like reading puns, I think you will enjoy it, otherwise I would probably not pick it up.

Happy reading!

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