Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Tortured Memory

Title: Tortured Memory
Author: Dr. Lawrence W. Gold
Grade: A-

Review: Tortured Memory is the newest installment in the Brier Hospital Series. (You can find the review for 2 of the other books on my blog.) Dr. Gold takes on the world of psychiatry is this book. Dr. Abbie Adler is a psychiatrist who specializes in child and adolescent sexual abuse. The book starts out by profiling several of Dr. Adler's patients. Two of Dr. Adler's young patients are found murdered and one is missing. A few months later Dr. Adler is found catatonic in a parking lot. She is taken to the local psych hospital where she is awakened. She has no memory of what has happened before she was found. As she recovers, she starts to have flash backs of what happened to her and it leads her to believe that there is a possibility that one of her patients may have been the murderer. It is a race against time, and her lost memories,  for Dr. Adler to find the killer and save her kidnapped patient.

I have loved the other two books in this series so I was very excited to read this one. I was warned ahead of time that this book is a bit more complicated than the other ones and that was correct. The chapter's in the book are divided into months. Sometimes the chapters would be flash backs, which you wouldn't know if you skipped over the chapter heading. Sometimes I would be confused when the events took place until I went back and read the month the chapter took place. Something that I find very distinctive in Dr. Gold's books is introducing several different story lines in the beginning of the book, that don't seem related at all, but come together in the end. Tortured Memory has this and some of the story lines don't come together until the very end.

This was a quick, edge or your seat read that would be perfect for any thriller-loving reader. It will keep you awake until the very end and will definitely keep you awake. I hope Dr. Gold continues his series, because I for one absolutely love them!

Happy Reading!

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