Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Mariner Valley

Title:  Mariner Valley
Author:  James Crawford
Grade: A

 If you know e in real life, you know that I love sparkles, all thing pink, and dancing. Basically I am a girly-girl. Mariner Valley. Is not at all a book that would seem to fit my personality. This is why I love books. You can read about things that would not necessarily interest you in real life. Mariner Valley tells the story of a settlement on Mars. In that settlement there is a crime problem. Recently there have been several murders. Police man Ben O'Ryan and his team must try to figure out who is responsible for these murders and why. They must travel across the planet chasing the criminals before it is to late.

I was a big fan of this book and finished it in a little over 24 hours I loved that the book describes what a possible settlement on Mars would be like. This book is unlike any other books I have read. Ben O'Ryan is such a likable character that you find yourself rooting for him to win the hunt for the murderers. Ben and his team have to travel to different settlements on the planet.  I liked how Crawford has several different types of living areas on Mars. One settlement is basically New York City is a bubble, another settlement is completely underground, and yet another is in a space ship type place. They also travel in a rover/hummer type vehicle. The only part of the book I was not a huge fan of was the budding romance between Ben and one of his team members, Beth. Once they kissed and started "dating" they instantly started to call each other sweetie, and honey. I did not like how the relationship jumped from just friends to basically married. I felt it was very unrealistic. I think that this is a must read for all science fiction/dystopian fans out there and for people looking for a fun, suspenseful, read.

Happy Reading!

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