Friday, July 29, 2011

In My Library Bag 7/29

Story Siren does a feature called In My Mailbox on her page which shows the books that arrive in various people's mailboxes. I did not actually buy any of these books, so I switched up the name because I got all of these books at the library! I plan on review each of these books in the very near future!

  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi

  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner

  • Jenna and Jonah's Fauxmance by Emily Franklin and Brendan Halpin

  • Exodus by Julkie Bertagna

  • Zenith by Julie Bertagna

  • Not Just the Levees Broke by Phyllis Montana-Leblanc

  • Traitor by Andy McNab and Robert Rigby

  • Confessions of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway

  • Goldstrike by Matt Whyman

  • The Carbon Diaraies 2017 by Saci Lloyd

  • The Sky Inside by Clare B. Dunkle

  • Puppy Love by Nancy Krulik

I am very excited to read and review each of these books! Comment below if you have read any of these!

Happy reading!


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